Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Movement Manifesto

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This creative piece was written from inspiration for inspiration.   

Find a movement practice that you love, show up consistently, remember the big picture “why” you are doing it and reap the health benefits.   

Thanks to the folks at Mindful Strength and Caveman Strong for helping me make it happen.

Movement Manifesto
I move to connect with myself,
To fully feel the space I occupy,
To feel awe in my capabilities.
I move to experience joy,
            To be taken away by the music,
To feel the notes sway in my body,
To Twist and Shout, to Charleston,                              to Plié.
To cut a rug, to shake it off.
I move to be part of my surroundings,
            To plant, to pluck, to prune, to pick, to dig,
            To delight in finding the perfect carrots and beets,
To tear from the earth and serve at my table.
I move to play,
            To leap frog,
            To hula,
To race,
To skip,
To dive.
I move to care,
            To launder, to scrub, to polish
To pick up, to put away
To deep clean.
I move to interact with nature,
            To pop up onto a rock,
To tip toe on a log,
To defy gravity,
To behold the sights,

I move to dream,
            Of mermaids,
            Of ninjas,
            Of astronauts,
            Of soaring,
            Of singing,
I move to travel,
            To conquer a hill on my bike,
To hike a summit,
To swim across the bay,
To walk through a festival.
I move to be free,
            To be a weekend warrior,
            To snowshoe,
To paddle,
            To ski,
            To luge,
            To run,
            To do what I want, when I want.
I move to feel,
             Powerful, fearless and fierce
             Agile and lighthearted,
             Mobile, flexible and present
             Balanced, clear and calm.
I move to love,
To belly laugh,
To be silly,
To geek out,
To hold hands,
To hug,
To pet,
To reach out,
To pull in.
I move to live, I move to feel alive.

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